I Sewed an 18th Century Silk Shirt

This video features the cutting, dyeing, and sewing of a silk shirt according to 18th Century pattern drafting. If you watch to the end, there’s a Pirate Wardrobe Update.

IG: barrowsandwights

Transcripts for this video are available on my website.


Sewn on a Singer 20-10 Sewhandy Toy machine – https://www.singersewinginfo.co.uk/toys/minisinger

Materials Used:

Pirate Outfit Pieces:

  • Black Vest
    • Bought at the NY Renaissance Faire 15+ years ago
  • Forager Vest
  • Handwoven Vest
    • Woven by me on a 24″ rigid heddle loom in cotton, cotton blend, and linen blend yarns, handsewn
  • Green Pants
    • Bought 10+ years ago, originally wrap pants that have since been seamed up the sides and hemmed for drawstrings at the legs
  • Blue Pants
  • Purple/Grey Pants
  • Thick Belt 2″
  • Thin belt
    • Bought 8+ years ago at a Renaissance Faire, unsure which one
  • Waist Wrap 1
    • Cotton muslin with faded reddish lines that may not be visible in the video, leftover from a high school Captain Jack Sparrow cosplay, 15+ years ago
  • Waist wrap 2
    • Velvet-like black fabric leftover from a high school Ardeth Bey/The Mummy Halloween cosplay, probably polyester, 15+ years ago
  • Black Boots
    • Bought 14+ years ago from RenBoots.com, but it appears this exact style is no longer offered
  • Black/Green Boots
  • Black and red striped socks
    • Bought 14 years ago at a stall at the CT Renaissance Faire
  • Red headband
    • Bought 10+ years ago, no recollection of where
  • Black Hat
  • Brown Tricorn Hat

There are 7 total pirate outfits during the montage.

Dancing Soundtrack:

Pump Shanty – The Crimson Pirates
Jack Hinks – Great Big Sea
10,000 Miles Away – The Crimson Pirates
Run the Riggin Again – The Crimson Pirates
He’s a Pirate – Klaus Badelt (Pirates of the Caribbean OST)
Molasses – Schooner Fare
Flowers of Bermuda – The Crimson Pirates
Santiana – The Longest Johns
Bow to Stern – The Crimson Pirates
Henry Martin – The Crimson Pirates
Mrs. McGraw – The Crimson Pirates
Rowdy Soul – The Crimson Pirates
Can’t Stop Falling – Great Big Sea


Title Card:

Photo by Anton Atanasov

Logo designed and drawn by A.R. Gergler

Background Music:

Fjeld by Alexander Nakarada
Link: https://filmmusic.io/song/7242-fjeld
License: https://filmmusic.io/standard-license

Seven Seas by Alexander Nakarada
Link: https://filmmusic.io/song/7540-seven-seas
License: https://filmmusic.io/standard-license

Pirate Sea Introduction:

Video by Руслан Хмелевский from Pexels

Pirate Frame Screen:

Wooden Barrel and Ropes by David Dibert

Wood Art Dirty Texture by Eva Elijas

End Screen:

Photo by Anton Atanasov


[Music: Fjeld by Alexander Nakarada]

[Fantasy instrumental piece featuring guitar, orchestral strings, and drums.]

I wasn’t gonna do it, but I think I have to.

[Music: Seven Seas by Alexander Nakarada]

[Lively pirate-inspired music featuring a fiddle reel and an electronic beat.]

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