Making Plans for Sewing Shirts in 2022

I’m planning on making a lot of shirts and I decided to share those plans with you here on the channel!
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0:00 Introduction
01:10 Historical Designs
01:17 Pirate Shirt
Simplicity Costumes for Adults 4923
01:58 Western Shirt
Simplicity 2895
02:43 Renaissance Faire Shirt
Take a pattern off of an existing shirt from
03:41 Costume Recreations
03:52 The Witcher – Geralt’s Black Shirt
04:43 The Letter for the King – Tiuri’s Shirt
05:42 The Lord of the Rings
05:52 Hobbits
The four main shirts that the Hobbits wear, plus some extras
08:00 Aragorn
The two main shirts Aragorn wears: the teal one and the red one
09:08 Outro


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[Music: New Sky by Rafael Krux]

Hello. Welcome to Barrows & Wights. I’m Adrian, pronouns he/them, and I’m not making anything in this video.

But I am planning a lot of things at the moment. And while I was making lists and looking for materials, I realized that I have a lot of shirts upcoming. Part of this is just because there are a lot of shirts that I want to make.
I’ve also discovered that I’m approaching that period in my wardrobe where items that I have been wearing for a long
time are no longer repairable, especially in my work wardrobe. Some of the shirt ideas that I’ll be talking
about won’t be work shirts specifically, but if I can finagle them into my work wardrobe, I will.

For the sake of organizing this video into something coherent, I’ve sorted my list into two categories: history-based designs and costume recreations.

Historical Designs
Pirate Shirt
[Music: Land Of Pirates by Alexander Nakarada]

One can never have enough pirate shirts. This is Simplicity’s Costumes for Adults 4923 I’ve had this pattern since the early 2000s at the height of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie fandom. I bought this for the coat in order to do a Captain Jack Sparrow Halloween costume slash cosplay. At the time, I sourced the shirt and vest for that costume elsewhere. In the interest of actually using the things that I own, I figure I ought to give this pattern a try to see what it’s like.

Western Shirt
[Music: Slow Western Intro by Brian Holtz Music]

This is Simplicity pattern 2895 made in conjunction with Buckaroo Bobbins pattern company. I picked this one up at a local Jo Ann Fabrics during a pattern sale and I chose this for history-bounding potential. I was more interested in the waistcoat and frock coat, but this shirt has some features that I haven’t done on other shirts before. It has a rounded collar, a back yoke that sort of extends over the shoulders to the front, and long placket in the front instead of a full-length button band. So I’m actually pretty excited to go ahead and give that a go.

Renaissance Faire Shirt
[Music: The Court Of The King by MusicLFiles]

I bought a Renaissance Faire shirt from over a decade ago. It’s been my go to for Renaissance Faires, pirate occasions, and lately, days where I just want to relax. It’s one of the most comfortable shirts that I own and I feel more comfortable about this whole having a corporeal form situation in this shirt than I do in most things. However, because it’s over 10 years old and I’ve primarily worn it as the base layer in a multi-layered costume during the hottest months of summer, it’s a little worse for wear. I will, of course, continue to wear the existing shirt until it dies, but I’d like to take a pattern off of it and make a new one in a different color.

Costume Recreations
The Witcher
[Music: Gjallar by Alexander Nakarada]

In the first episode of The Witcher, there’s a particular scene where title character Geralt is in a fight without his armor. It’s one of those scenes that reads to me like – look at how cool this show is, keep watching Henry Cavill spin around in these tight pants. But because he’s not wearing his armor in this scene, you can actually see a lot of cool details about this shirt. There’s an asymmetrical placket on the front with buttons. There’s also some kind of stitching or texture detail on the shoulders. There are some details that I still need to figure out, but this kind of shirt is the kind of thing that really appeals to me right now.

The Letter for the King
[Music: Land Of Magic by Rafael Krux]

The Letter for the King is a short fantasy adventure series on Netflix. I found myself really enjoying this series a couple of times, watching it repeatedly over the past couple of years. My challenge project is to one day recreate
main character Tiuri’s… jacket? I’m not entirely sure what you would call this garment, but there is some incredible craftsmanship in this costume. I’m just not sure I’m ready to tackle that piece right now.

The shirt he wears under it, however, looks super comfortable and like it would be relatively easy to make. I have some yellow fabric from an ebay listing that’s the right weight and drape to recreate this. I just need to over-dye it because it’s currently a shade of yellow that is not great for my personal preference.

Lord of the Rings
[Music: Sample of the LOTR main theme that fades into Legends by Alexander Nakarada]
[Music: Quick fade in and out of Concerning Hobbits from the LOTR soundtrack]

My initial idea was to make the four shirts that the four hobbits wear for the majority of the films. With the current state of my historically inspired wardrobe, I find myself reaching for the neutral shirts most often because
they can be used with any combination of trouser and waistcoat. The hobbits all have shirts in that sort of
natural off-white color.

Sam’s shirt is the most basic – simple rectangular collar with a running stitch decoration, simple cuffs, and minimal sleeve poof.

Frodo’s main shirt also seems pretty simple with a short upright rounded collar stand and more poof in the sleeve.
There’s a little bit of engineering that I need to figure out for Merry’s collar because it looks like the collar isn’t a separate piece sewn onto the body. It looks like the shape of the collar is built into the body pieces and is sewn with a facing? Unfortunately, he’s the hobbit we see least in just his shirt or without his jacket, so I may have to experiment to get this collar right.

And then Pippin. Peregrin Took of the Great Smials of Tuckborogh where members of his family have governed as Thains for nearly the whole history of the Shire. He is the fanciest of fancy hobbit boys. I thought that Pippin’s shirt was basically the same as his fellows’ with a lace overlay in six vertical columns on his shirt fronts. However, that was an illusion caused by the colorization in some of the scenes in the movies. When I went looking for specific details of this shirt, I discovered that Pippin’s shirt fronts and collar are embroidered in light blue and yellow threads. Eventually, I want to to make a proper embroidered Pippin shirt, but I have some other embroidery
projects in the queue to get through first. So I might fake it with my initial lace overlay idea and then do the proper embroidery version later.

And then when I was rewatching Lord of the Rings, I rediscovered that blue-green shirt that Frodo wears at the beginning of Fellowship and I want that one, too.

[Music: Sample from the end of the Return of the King soundtrack fades into Legends by Alexander Nakarada]

So Aragorn has two shirts that are visible during the trilogy: the teal one and the red one. I aim to make both.

He starts out with the journey with the teal one. This one caught my eye because of the smocking on the sleeve where it meets the shoulder seam. I’ve never done smocking before, but this pattern looks relatively simple. I say naively. We’ll see if that’s the case. There are few other details that are really clear about this shirt from the screenshots I’ve found and taken from the movie.

The red shirt, however, gives me a lot more information. Aragorn is seen wearing this shirt without the vest or coat during The Return of the King. This shirt is filmed from multiple angles, so I can get a good look at the yoke, the
overall fit, the sleeve cuffs, the collar ties – all the bits I need to try to make this shirt. I may make this one first and then use what I’ve learned from this one to make the teal shirt.

Those, friends and enemies, are my upcoming shirt plans. Is this an exhaustive list of upcoming projects? Absolutely not. Will I make all of these in the upcoming year? It’s unlikely, but I find it helpful to have a list. How about you? Do you have a list of things to make this year that you are really looking forward to? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for watching. I’ll see you soon.

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