Handsewing an 18th Century Pocket

Video Notes:

Follow along as I handsew an 18th century pocket to use for my weaving equipment.

IG: barrowsandwights

Transcripts for videos are available on my website.


Wool fabric from @heybrownberry
Cotton scrap fabric
Polyester fabric removed from a vest
Lightweight iron on interfacing
Scrap binding from a quilt
Handsewing Needles


  1. Created pocket pattern from old scrap paper
  2. Traced and cut out iron on interfacing
  3. Ironed interfacing onto front and back fabrics, 1 full piece for back two half pieces for fronts
  4. Cut out front and back pieces
  5. Flat lined back to lining piece
  6. Hand sewed two fronts together up to slit point from pattern
  7. Turned under the interlining for the front slit, whip stitched
  8. Pinned together front and back, insides together
  9. Pin binding on the front of the pocket
  10. Sew through all layers along the outside edge
  11. Turn binding over the edge, whip stitch
  12. Cut rectangles for belt loops
  13. Fold rectangles in half and sew
  14. Turn rectangles inside out, press, and sew to the top of the pocket


Title Card:

Photo by Anton Atanasov

Logo designed and drawn by A.R. Gergler

Background Music:

Background Sensible Waltz Piano by MusicLFiles
Link: https://filmmusic.io/song/7285-background-sensible-waltz-piano
License: https://filmmusic.io/standard-license

End Screen:

Photo by Anton Atanasov


[Flowing piano music plays throughout the video. There is no speaking.]

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